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    My goal is to help you understand your calling so you can live a more meaningful life. Read my story.

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My Calling IQ: Facilitating A More Meaningful Life

Birkman Method Certified ConsultantHow can I help you today?

I provide services in three major categories: consulting using The Birkman Method Assessment, speaking & teaching on calling, and facilitating workshops aimed at helping you recover your own sense of calling.

My goal is to:

  • Address pain points for individuals in their work
  • Provide a sense of direction to people who feel lost
  • Raise self-awareness and improve relationships

What are my core values?

  • Know Thyself
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Hopeful Growth (or Say No to Cynicism)

My services are perfect for:

  • Disgruntled professionals – anyone working through career frustration and transition
  • College students wondering what to do with their lives
  • Engaged or married couples who would like some extra tools for building a great relationship
  • Teams that need a boost reaching their potential in working together
  • Managers and employees who want to improve communication and working relationships

If you’d like to take the Birkman Assessment today, go here.

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What’s in a Name?

My Calling IQ plays on the fact that IQ is very important in our world, whether it’s the standard “intelligence” kind or the trendier “EQ” (emotional IQ) or any other kind. I think we need more Calling IQ in our lives: better awareness and education about what it means to have a calling and more tools and resources to help you pursue your calling effectively. Let’s discover our work, uncover our callings and recover more meaning in our lives.