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Halfway Mark: Check in on Goals for the Year

Well folks, we’re in June. In fact, we are halfway through June. This reminded me that back in January, I wrote down some goals for the year, so I thought I’d review where I am today. Here’s what I wrote down originally:

So here are some of the things I hope to see happen this year (in no particular order of importance):

  •  I will learn to sew (got a beautiful machine for Christmas for the in-laws!!)
  • I will blog 2-3x per week about whatever I want
  • I will throw a birthday party for Canon for the first time
  • I will run some workshops on Finding Your Calling
  • I will write some articles for magazines (this is something I always think about and never actually do)
  • I will organize my house (I am actually super stoked about this because I read a fabulous book at my mom’s and have already started with some of the smaller spaces in our house and tomorrow, John and I are going to do a kitchen overhaul!)

This year, I get to figure out if I can bring in some income while staying at home with Canon and I get to continue to figure out what role I play in John’s photography business. I’m excited to see where these adventures lead us. And who knows, maybe at some point another book will start percolating.

At first glance, I actually was a little depressed to realize that I have not even touched my sewing machine (wahh!). This always seems to happen with my Christmas presents. The year I got a Kindle, I didn’t actually read a book on it until August or September. Now I use it all the time so maybe there’s hope.

While I have not learned to sew, I have learned to cook – an item not mentioned here because I think the idea came a little later in January. I have been cooking every other week for almost six months now and am finally feeling more confident in the kitchen. Win!

Unfortunately, I have not run a workshop, nor published any articles in magazines. However, I did submit some articles that were rejected and I’m still waiting to hear if my course proposal will be approved for the Edmonds Community College ArtsNow/uLearn program. So that’s a little effort toward both of those.

On a more positive note, I have been blogging fairly regularly (although the last month was crazy). Canon had a fun first birthday party (he played with his helium balloon for weeks). And our house (and garage!!) is mostly organized. I have one closet and the office (John’s domain) that eluded me but otherwise I’m quite happy with what I accomplished in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the hall closet and the pantry. And my parents provided us with that extra manpower to truly transform the garage. It looks amazing!

What I find fascinating about this list is that there is no mention of getting my Birkman certification unless it’s hidden in my line about figuring out how to earn a little income while at home. At the time I was still not sure we could really make that happen. So that’s a goal that should be on the list and should be checked off along with finally starting my own business.

Also, this week John and I are experimenting with switching places in order to figure out exactly how I do fit into working in his business. I’ll be taking over the administration, sales, marketing, operations etc for the whole week (basically everything except actually shooting and editing). John’s taking on Canon. The goal is to figure out who should be doing what.

I need to think a bit more about what my goals for the rest of 2013 should look like. I’ll keep you posted.

Did you have any goals for 2013? What kind of progress are you making?

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