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Organizing the House: Master Bathroom

Well, I squeezed in another organizing adventure (wow – what a fun Friday night activity!) Here is the before picture of our master bathroom highlighting some of the normal frustrations:

  • As you may be able to tell, we were having frequent “landslide” issues in the cupboards with precariously-settled things that were simply flung in without looking.
  • In the drawers, you almost always have to dig for what you want (and all the things you really need manage to migrate to the back of the drawer).
  • Our counter usually has a couple items lying out – I’d say the picture captures a good day. Sometimes we have more things lying out for days (or weeks – let’s be honest here).

You can see John has a white container on his side for corralling his most-used toiletries but that doesn’t necessarily mean they stay in there. I have a medicine cabinet on my side that isn’t pictured.

So what did we do? I had John go through and throw away old, unused items and consolidate similar items.

Then I took everything out of the drawers. The second drawer became the storage drawer with all our extras of soap, toothpaste, contact solution etc.

The top drawer contains all our daily items like Q-tips and nail clippers as well as our medicine supplies and bandaids. To keep these from flying around, I cut the top off one of the boxes we already had lying around in there and put all the medicine in there. I also put our selection of nail clippers, tweezers and such in a smaller box because those things are always getting lost at the back of the drawer. We cleared enough space to move all the important items to the front of the drawer for easy access.

I moved all the items I currently don’t use due to short hair (blow dryer, hair brush, hair ties, comb etc.) into the “storage” drawer. This freed up space in my medicine cabinet so I moved some of the things that only I use into that space (nail polish and contacts).

In the cupboards, the main thing was to throw out old bottles of conditioner (neither of us ever use it) and empty boxes (toothpastes, band aids, tampons etc) – I had no idea we needed a recycling bin in the bathroom! I ended up taking a full laundry basket of cardboard and garbage downstairs to our recycling!

I also collected a bunch of the cleaning supplies into a basket that was already hanging out in the back of the left-hand cupboard. Technically, I should probably have moved John’s huge Costco pack of soap into the right cupboard so that like things live together but I decided it was fine where it was.

This project was more about clean up and finally getting rid of things I was too lazy to deal with (like our broken Sonicare toothbrush), but I still think it will help us stay more organized in the future. I really like the rule about “Naming to Create Boundaries” because it helps you decide where things should live when you come back from the store with new supplies. If there’s a prepared home for everything then it’s less likely to get stuffed haphazardly into a cupboard or left lying around for later.

I didn’t end up organizing the whole house in January after all. Between starting to cook more and Canon’s crazy sleep month, I didn’t get to tackle the office like I thought we would. But it’s coming . . .

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