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Two weeks with Crozier Photography

Crozier Photography logoSo I mentioned last Monday that I was “going to work” at Crozier Photography last week. The experiment merged into this week and here’s where we’re at: This is great! I have enjoyed working and John has enjoyed me taking an active role.

Most days are actually much more part-time than I thought (I only worked 9:00-5:00 for two days). Like I said, it’s fun to have my hand back in the world of business and John is enjoying the added energy.

We had always planned to someday work on this business together as a team but it never really materialized until now (for various reasons like other jobs and babies etc). It will probably still take away to figure out the balance of roles but I’m looking forward to it.

So what I have actually been doing while at work? Things like:

  • Drafting email templates so that we can “auto-reply” to our most common inquiries
  • Finally getting finances in order. Up until now John has successfully flown by the seat of his pants, but it really helps me to look at solid metrics. Quickbooks is balanced and my heart is happy to finally be able to look at our Profit & Loss statement and other reports to accurately assess our business (good news = it’s profitable! bad news = it needs to be A LOT more profitable to take care of our family)
  • Therefore: my 100 cold-call goal which I’m inching towards. I’m calling local businesses to see if they need professional custom images for their websites and marketing materials (did you know John does commercial photography?). I had high hopes that I’d summon up the courage to push through 20-30 calls per day but at this point, managing 10 is about all I can do. Why is it so scary when most people are so friendly? I’ve made a few great connections and am scheduling my first shoot for John from a call I made. Exciting! Also if you need photos – please call us at 206-714-6662.
  • Creating some tracking and status sheets (again – more for my sanity, than John’s. He happily keeps all of this info in his head).
  • Brainstorming new messaging and re-evaluating the website. I’ve asked John a lot of “why” questions in the last two weeks and I think I was starting to sound like a four-year-old. I was trying to help us clarify some of our core values and it’s not as easy as you’d think.

I’m also looking forward to holding a camera again after almost two years. I’ll be joining John as his second shooter at a wedding on our anniversary in August. In the meantime, I’m realizing that if I’m going to work for Crozier Photography, I should maybe finally figure out what white balance, aperture and f-stops mean . . .

Have a great weekend everyone!

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