What is the Birkman Method?

Maybe you popped over to the website when I first mentioned I was becoming a Certified Birkman Consultant but maybe you didn’t. I wanted to just give you a brief overview of the Birkman Method today because it will probably take me awhile to get my website updated to include all the services I am so excited to offer.

Birkman MethodWhat is the Birkman Method?

The Birkman Method is a behavioral assessment (not a personality test) that simply shows you what you do. What makes it unique is that this assessment shows you:

  • Your usual behavior (your positive style/your visible strengths)
  • Your motivational needs (which can be quite different than your usual style and may be invisible to others) and
  • Your likely stress behaviors when your needs remain unmet

Personality tests and other assessments tend to stop at the first one: they describe you and that’s it. Maybe they describe a few of your potentially negative stress behaviors as well but they’re missing a key piece of the puzzle: what your actual needs are.

This kind of information is extremely valuable for your own self-awareness, for your personal relationships and for finding your ideal work environment. The Birkman Method can give you neutral language to discuss areas of conflict and differences of style with your spouse, child, manager, colleagues or teammates. Without judgment, the reports give you information about how to get the help you need to operate mostly out of your strengths (usual behavior) and minimize and manage your stress behaviors.

I often find it just as helpful to understand what an assessment does not promise to do.

The Birkman Method WILL NOT:

  • Tell you WHY you behave the way you do
  • Make a clinical diagnosis
  • Measure emotional maturity or mental health

This tool has been around for 60+ years and was developed by a former WWII Bomber pilot named Roger Birkman. He’s 94 years old and apparently was still coming into the office until just a few months ago! The assessment has an 94-96% accuracy level for validity and reliability of the results and the company has ongoing longevity studies that show your results are unlikely to change much over time (barring highly traumatic experiences). That means you really only need to take it once. I took it for the first time at 17 or 18 years old (about the youngest recommended age for taking it) and I still find my results are a very accurate reflection of what I do.

What do I want to do with it?

As you might guess, I love the Birkman Method for its insight into motivational needs, occupational interests and the level of self-awareness it can bring to your relationships and work. I am picturing using this method and the wide variety of reports it delivers with:

  • College students wondering what to do with their lives
  • Engaged or married couples who would like some extra tools for building a great relationship
  • Teams that need or want a boost reaching their potential in working together
  • Managers and employees who want or need to improve communication and working relationships
  • Anyone working through career frustration and transition

I see this tool as providing a safe space for helping people address behavioral differences neutrally and also break down some of the generational, cultural and gender stereotypes we often run up against. In an interview with Dr. Birkman, he summarized his desire for the Birkman Method as a way for people to learn to accept and love themselves, see God’s love and purpose in how he made them, and then celebrate the diversity and potential in everybody else they meet (you can watch that interview on youtube – warning: it made me tear up in a couple spots).

How do you take it?

Contact me! Right now, you can just shoot me an email if you’re interested in taking this (or use the contact button above). We can discuss cost (I’m still figuring out all the pricing options!) and then it’s as easy as sending you a link to a questionnaire and scheduling a feedback session (in person, over the phone or on skype) to review and discuss your reports. The questionnaire takes about 45 minutes if I remember correctly and provides you with a hefty report (seriously, people we’re talking 50+ pages of different report options).

Soon, I will hopefully have a link to the questionnaire right on the website and have an info page with the different options available.

UPDATE 6/11/15: If you’re ready to get your Birkman report, here are your choices!



12 thoughts on “What is the Birkman Method?

  1. Hi Tash…..I’m interested in doing this assessent and learning how to help others use it. My counsellor has suggested that perhaps I’d be interested in life skills coaching (or something similar) but I am having trouble finding a suitable course.

  2. Just coming back to this post – wanted to mention that the Birkman is a huge help for anyone facing job choices/career decisions. Typically one has a lot of questions – should I take this offer or not? – the money is good, but is it a good fit for who I am? – kind of thing. The Birkman is an incredible tool for understanding where you’re going to sink and where you’re going to swim – what is going to energize you and what is going to trigger serious stress behaviour.

    I also recall the Birkman being described as revealing how you’re “hard-wired” in terms of needs and behaviour – i.e. it’s not a personality test. For a lot of people – maybe especially men – it’s important to know this difference in what the test shows you. Guys don’t want to take yet another touchy-feely personality test, but they do want to know how they’re hard-wired.

  3. The last comments are somewhat dated. Are you still offering the Birkman, and is the price updated?


    • Yes, I still offer the Birkman and those are the correct prices. You can learn more by clicking on Birkman Consulting in the main menu.

  4. Hi, what are the differences between Birkman and Chally? ANy ideas?

    • I am not familiar with Chally at all, sorry!

  5. I interested in learning it and pricing it also if possible coaching ..as iam a gp and healer and helping people with bio energy and life coaching but I would like to certified too .in berkman method .is thee anyone who o provide this in uae thank u

  6. I am in my 40s and I am looking to boost or to change my career which test would be most beneficial?

    • Hi Lana, sorry for the delayed response! I think the Full Birkman Report would be your best bet to get the most valuable information on boosting or changing your career. By your 40s, I think the relational aspect of work (your boss, team dynamics, colleagues) are significant factors in your job satisfaction, sometimes a lot more so than the actual tasks you’re doing. We often figure out what tasks we like best fairly easily but struggle to identify what would make our work environment more productive and satisfying for us.

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