You want a meaningful life in your work and relationships.

My Calling IQ uses the Birkman Method to help you gain self-awareness, make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

What is the Birkman Method?


Birkman Method LogoThe Birkman Method is a fantastic behavioral assessment that simply shows you what you do and what you expect others to do. When we know these things, we can predict and facilitate greater success in your relationships and career choices! The Birkman Method Reports are similar to the instructions that come with plants: they describe the plant and explain what kind of care it needs to flourish. Personality tests and other assessments often describe you but don’t go further. They’re missing a key piece of the puzzle: what your needs are.

The Birkman gives you the information and instructions on how to care for yourself in a way that allows you to live up to your full potential.

So, the Birkman assessment is unique because it shows you:

  • Your usual behavior (your positive style/your visible strengths)
  • Your motivational needs (which can be quite different than your usual style and may be invisible to others) and
  • Your likely stress behaviors when your needs remain unmet

This kind of information is extremely valuable for your own self-awareness, for your personal relationships and for finding your ideal work environment. The Birkman Method can give you neutral language to discuss areas of conflict and differences of style with your spouse, child, manager, colleagues or teammates. Without judgment, the reports give you information about how to get the help you need to operate mostly out of your strengths (usual behavior) and minimize and manage your stress behaviors.

What are the main benefits of the Birkman Method?

  • Predicts and facilitates success in your environment
  • Facilitates individual growth, corporate change, organizational effectiveness
  • Better communication = more trust = more effective collaboration
  • Breaks down assumptions and biases about what’s “normal” with neutral, non-judgmental language.
  • Shows us our needs – getting our basic motivational needs met leads to greater satisfaction and greater productivity.

Maybe the best part is that the Birkman is not a single-use document.

Applicable in a wide variety of situations, your Birkman Report is a lifelong reference tool.

It is so accurate that you only have to take the assessment once in your life. Consider the value of being able to continually refer back to a resource that will help you navigate each career transition, every interpersonal working conflict, and any team you join.

I love the Birkman Method for its insight into motivational needs, occupational interests and the level of self-awareness it can bring to your relationships and work. I see this tool as providing a safe space for helping people address behavioral differences neutrally and also break down some of the generational, cultural and gender stereotypes we often run up against.

Here are the different report options you can choose from:

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