8 ways to start following your calling this weekend

start following your calling now!I know this weekend is the Superbowl so football may take priority but, let’s say you have Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning free. Here some suggestions for things you could do in that time to start moving towards your calling. *These are in no particular order of importance!*

1. Do some detective work. Ask your closest friends/family members what they see as your passions and gifts. The answers might confirm your own thoughts or they might totally surprise you! Either way, their thoughts are a good way to kick-start your own exploration.

2. Rediscover an old hobby. The activity and the creativity involved in most of our hobbies can spark more creativity in other parts of your life! Plus, maybe your hobby could grow into more than just a weekend activity.

3. Get re-acquainted with who you are. Turn off the tv for an hour and ask yourself a couple questions like: What work were you doing last time you were so absorbed you lost track of time? What issues or causes really move you? What problems in the world or work world do you think need solving? What are you constantly reading about and talking to people about? (Taken from Whistle While You Work by Richard Leider and David Shapiro)

4. Tackle an obstacle. Pick one obstacle that’s holding you back and figure out one step you can take towards overcoming it. Many obstacles are ones we create for ourselves, like we discussed last month. Maybe you check out a “how to” book from the library or pick one credit card balance to eliminate. Maybe your one step is simply getting online to look for someone who can help you with your obstacle.

5. Reconnect spiritually. You may not feel comfortable walking into a church this Sunday, but why not spend the morning remembering what you value most in life and focusing on how you can contribute good to your community. You don’t have to go to church to connect with God. You can journal, pray or just take a walk and listen – God is always available to anyone seeking him so ask him to speak to you and see what happens.

6. Evaluate your resources. Make a list of your experiences, skills, gifts and interests that would add value to your community. You may be an event planner with a gift for helping people create the atmosphere they want to provide, or a micro-brewer with a gift for bringing people together for authentic and meaningful conversations. How can you contribute?

7. Rest & Rejuvenate. Seriously, take a good long walk and then take a nap. Resolve to drink more water and remove at least one kind of junk food from your life. With no energy in our lives, following our callings is nearly impossible.

8. Look for ways to serve. Read the news, talk to your neighbours, ask around. Find out about a local need that you could help with. Schedule time into your calendar for next weekend to go shopping to stock up a food bank, or go clean up someone’s yard. Start with helping wherever it’s needed and you’ll start to see where you’re most suited to serve.

If these eight things feel overwhelming, then pick just two from this list and if you actually do them, I’d love to hear what you tackled and what happened. Anybody willing to report back in the comments?

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