A Preview & A Public Commitment

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m doing something scary. After a lot of mentions, maybes and “we’ll see how things go” I am finally announcing a firm launch date for my book. Even as I write that, I momentarily panic, “Can I really do this? What if it doesn’t get done?!” I’m hoping that this public commitment will spur me on as I finish up my editing process. If all goes as planned, I will be publishing a Kindle ebook titled Recovering Calling: Helping Millennials Navigate Faith & Work on September 10, 2012. That’s four weeks from today and also marks the two year anniversary of this blog.

This book is the product of 2.5 years of research into the topic of calling and it’s written for pastors, counselors, university staff, mentors and parents of the Millennial generation (the oldest ones just turned 30 and the youngest are still in high school). That doesn’t mean that I don’t want people my age to read this book but I’ve specifically written this to church leaders because I want them to be able to help my generation more effectively.

When I struggled with a toxic environment and burnout in my first post-college job, I had a lot of questions about the meaning of work and what God really wanted me to do with my life. Unfortunately, I felt like a lot of these questions were not adequately answered by my faith community. I started researching on my own and you know the rest . . . that’s how this blog was born.

Many of my peers wrestle with similar questions and I want them to get the help they need through the church. My generation is steadily dropping out of church, partially due to a perceived lack of connection between our working lives and our faith. The book starts with why I think the concept of calling is an essential one for our faith, and then breaks down into two sections: The first one tackles what’s problematic in how we typically talk about callings and the second presents some solutions and ideas for how we can foster an environment that encourages people in their callings. It’s quite short (just under 25,000 words – the average non-fiction book is 65,000 words) so that busy people don’t feel bogged down and I’ll have some bonus materials with extra resources for people who want to continue studying on their own.

I’m excited to finish it up and if it helps a few people, I will be thrilled. I won’t be doing much more promotion of this on the blog but I’ll let you know when I launch it and would love to have you spread the word to anyone you know who might benefit from a tool like this.

Ok – now I better get back to editing so that I actually meet my deadline. Have a great week everyone!


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  1. I am so glad to see that your book dream is finally going to be a reality! Congratulations on the commitment, and prayers to you as you work hard!

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