Hi, I’m Natasha.

I want you to have a meaningful life. I don’t believe we can have a meaningful life without meaningful work. I help people uncover and recover their callings. I do that primarily by using the Birkman Method to help individuals understand their unique strengths, interests and needs. I also write, teach and speak on the topic of calling.

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My Passion is Meaningful Work

My Calling IQMy Calling IQ plays on the fact that IQ is very important in our world, whether it’s the standard “intelligence” kind or the trendier “EQ” (emotional IQ) or any other kind. I think we need more Calling IQ in our lives: better awareness and education about what it means to have a calling along with tools and resources to help you pursue your calling effectively. You need Calling IQ to do meaningful work. You need meaningful work to be a whole person. Meaningful work is a big part of a meaningful life.

I started My Calling IQ as a simple blog in September 2010, focused on exploring the enormous topic of calling, how we find ours, how faith and work integrate, what meaningful work looks like and what it means to follow a calling. If that’s what you’re looking for start here or check out my book below.

My Book

Recovering Calling: Helping Millennials Connect Work & Faith is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

I wrote this to church leaders, head pastors, youth pastors, university counselors, mentors, parents and anyone else who works with the Millennial generation (the under-30 crowd) and wants to see us return to and flourish in faith communities. I believe that the way Christians teach about calling and career choices is a key element to successfully engaging and mentoring my generation.

This book contains three sections:

  • Why the concept of calling is an essential one for our faith
  • The problems with the way we as the church typically talk about callings
  • How we can address these issues in order to foster an environment that encourages people in their callings

What will you get out of reading this book?

  • Insight into the needs and questions of Millennials through the eyes of a Millennial
  • A quick overview of why recovering a sense of calling is important
  • Practical ways to recover a broader understanding of calling in your congregation.
  • Compilation of resources you can use to learn more or recommend to those who want to dig deeper.

I would be honoured if you take the time to read it and leave a review on Amazon! If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can still read this book by downloading a Kindle reading app for your computer or smartphone here.

Speaking & Teaching

I love to facilitate workshops that allow people to explore their lives, own their strengths, embrace meaningful work and uncover a renewed sense of calling in their lives. I have a variety of options from facilitating one-day intensives focused on self-awareness exercises to a six-week course that looks at the philosophical underpinnings of work and calling to help people change their thinking around and their lives.

I also speak on a variety of topics relevant to career professionals, college grads and students.

Key Topics I regularly address:

  • Self-awareness is essential
  • Freedom to accept & embrace who God made you
  • Becoming proactive rather than paralyzed in using your gifts
  • Your work is important to God and for others
  • Pursuing your calling is essential for a more meaningful, integrated life of work & faith
  • There is hope for better work, better communication and better life!

My message is especially relevant to those at major transitional points in their lives, whether it’s graduating from high school, beginning your first career after college, or trying to make a mid-career change. I love to share my story in the hopes that it encourages and inspires others in their own lives. I am happy to speak at individual events, chapels and seminars. Please contact me about my speaking availability!

All the best,


P.S. Most of the amazing photos you see on this website were taken by my dad and used with his permission.

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Recovering Calling Helping Millennials Connect Faith and Work