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Choose the Best Report Option for You!

I have three different report options depending on your situation. Each product has sample report pages to help you choose.

BII_logo_5x1_wtag-1024x211The Birkman Method is a world-class behavioral assessment tool and one of the best-kept secrets of the corporate world (it’s used in over 8000 organizations around the world).

If you want to read more details on The Birkman Method before getting your own report, go here.

My clients are high school seniors choosing a major, mid-career professionals trying to decide on their next direction, small business owners making their first hire and anyone who is motivated to find more meaningful work.

Self-awareness gives you greater clarity and perspective. Greater clarity allows you to make better decisions and communicate more effectively. Motivating work and satisfying collaboration make life more meaningful.

Your Birkman Report is a lifelong reference tool. It is so accurate that you only have to take the assessment once in your life and the report will remain applicable through many different situations and times in your life. Consider the value of being able to continually refer back to a resource that will help you navigate each career transition, every interpersonal working conflict, and any team you join.

  • My College IQ is best for those exploring college majors and future career options. It shows you how similar you are to people who are satisfied and successful in a variety of careers which can predict your likely satisfaction. It also describes your interests, strengths and what you might need in a work environment in order to succeed.
  • My Career IQ includes all the career information from My College IQ as well as a report on your usual behavior, your motivational needs and the stress behaviors you might see if your needs go unmet. This information goes beyond function and task to look at the relational aspects of work and how the people around us affect our work motivation and performance. There are specific coaching pages and suggestions for how you can manage stress and be more effective in your work environment.
  • My Business IQ is for small business owners who don’t have HR and Talent Development departments to help them learn how to hire and manage employees well. Become a self-aware boss and figure out how to help your employees be as effective as they can be.

Helped me to make connections

The Birkman is a fantastic method for learning about yourself on so many levels! For me the most helpful aspects of my consultation with Natasha were learning about what is most important to me in my career choices and gaining insight into why I behave the way I do in particular situations. Natasha went through my results in detail, and helped me to make connections that I would not have made on my own.


Illuminating and enriching experience

Taking the Birkman was an illuminating and enriching experience – it was extremely useful in assessing my skills and attributes. Natasha was an amiable and helpful consultant with knowledge and experience; she was very adept at explaining and interpreting the results and offering guidance as to their best application. Highly recommended.


Helped me recognize my own strengths

Despite initial skepticism, my experience taking the Birkman was very positive. In addition to confirming my areas of interest, the Birkman also helped with identifying my academic direction and long-term career plan. The assessment helped me recognize my own strengths and weaknesses which were then used to suggest job families and describe work environments that may be best suited to my unique personality and behaviour.

Natasha provided helpful guidance and thorough feedback in our feedback session. I would not hesitate to recommend Natasha and the Birkman assessment to anyone seeking similar clarity.


For both professional and personal exploration

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Birkman with Natasha as my consultant. This was one of the most fascinating self-exploration activities I have experienced in my professional career (I’m an academic advisor at a research institution). It confirmed that I’m in the line of work that best suits my skills and strengths, as well as helped me explore my own abilities and needs as both employee and supervisor. Much of what I learned I can also apply to my personal life and relationships.

The most beneficial part was having Natasha as the consultant – it was extremely valuable to have her as both a guide and coach through this process. She was professional, prepared, encouraging and reassuring. I highly recommend the Birkman (and Natasha’s consultation) for both professional and personal exploration.


Completely approachable and personal

Not only was my Birkman Method report incredibly illuminating, but Natasha’s guidance through the material was knowledgeable yet completely approachable and personal. I’m happy to give both Natasha and the Birkman Method my unreserved recommendation!


Doesn’t Jump to Conclusions

Natasha was great at explaining the nuances of the report and narrowing in on areas of conflict and importance. She’s friendly and respectful and doesn’t jump to conclusions on what can often be a very personal discussion. I highly recommend her as a consultant.