So let’s talk about failure

Well friends, today is October 16th – the day my first class at Edmonds Community College was supposed to start. Unfortunately, I only had one person register so the class was cancelled. I’m telling you this not to get sympathy hugs or emails, but because I know it’s one-sided to only ever talk about the good things that happen. It’s very tempting to just not say anything further about my class and hope that people don’t ask questions, assuming that it’s running or forgetting about it completely.

But I thought I should be honest. I was pretty disappointed Monday afternoon.

Feeling like a failureI felt discouraged. I felt like a door snapped shut in my face. I wondered how much “more” I could have done to promote it and how it’s possible that only one person registered considering the size of my networks and how many people pitched in to help share the news and promote with me. I felt embarrassed. Upset. Frustrated. And also a tiny bit relieved.

Relieved not to add one more thing to my plate right now even though it would only be five weeks. Relieved because it was the unknown and now I didn’t have to face it.

But I feel disappointed at being relieved too. I know how much facing unknown challenges can teach me.

That’s where the good news comes in: I still get one more chance to teach this class next quarter. Maybe it will fill up next time. If it doesn’t then maybe it’s just not the right avenue to take. And instead of calling it a failure, maybe I’ll just call it an answer.

In the meantime, I’m excited to prepare to guest-speak at a local church that is doing a series on calling in two weeks. It reminds me that opportunities often present themselves unexpectedly and right when you need an injection of hope.

Has that ever happened for you?

One thought on “So let’s talk about failure

  1. Timing truly is everything. And sometimes it really hurts when God shuts doors right in our face. But once we wander down the right path, through the right open doors maybe we understand a little more why we had to feel pain, rejection, failure, etc. I know struggling to get pregnant (and finding the right job during the same time) was surely a lesson in trusting God’s timing. I hope that whatever the future holds with this is worth all the bumps along the way!

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