What I’m doing in March: Starting a Business!

Life somehow got pretty busy this last week. I was planning on finishing up my “What’s Wrong with Work Today?” series yesterday but it looks like that might still be a couple days. Instead, I wanted to make a little announcement. It’s probably not technically accurate to say I’m actually starting a business this month, but I will be preparing to start one!

This time of year is always exciting for me. About three years post-college, I started noticing a creativity pattern in my year. January would roll around and I would start thinking. February would show up and I would feel antsy, throwing around ideas, wondering about new projects. By March or April, the ideas would solidify and bam! I would go into full project mode for a month or so. One year, I wrote a screenplay, initiated planning a women’s retreat, and developed a six-week small group curriculum. Another year, I wrote the whole first draft to my book. Last year was a bit different and the big project was having Canon at the end of April.

Business So this year, the January idea itch hit me again and I had a lot of options floating around. But the one that got me most excited was the possibility of becoming a Certified Birkman Consultant. Mid-February, after lots of discussion, we took the plunge and signed me up for the certification course that happens in just two weeks!

I first learned about The Birkman Method when my parents both took the assessment and suggested my sister and I also take it. I think we had just graduated from high school. Not only was it helpful for our relationship dynamics, but also for thinking about our college direction and career goals.

In college I interned at Campus Crusade (now Power to Change) in Canada where all staff members are required to take it. John and I were able to have an hour of pre-marital counseling with a Consultant who ran a Peer-to-Peer “Differences to Watch” report. The marketing team I worked with spent a whole day doing team development based on our Birkman reports.

I’ll wax eloquent on more of the details later on, but I’ve found it to be one of the best personality “tests” I’ve ever taken and I’m excited to be able to use it alongside much of the research I’ve been doing in the last few years about following our callings in life.

Consulting, speaking, workshops, seminars, team development, one-on-one mentoring – the possibilities are endless and I have to admit, I’m as terrified as I am excited. Investing in this certification means I have to actually do something with it once I’m done the course. It will mean redoing my website to include my services, booking clients and learning how to be a work-at-home mom. It appears that this year my project won’t just be a hobby or a personal project . . . it will finally be a business. This seems appropriate as I feel like I’m always trying to help other people start their own businesses.

businessAnd it’s not just my business. John and I both have realized in the last few weeks that we need to working together more effectively on Crozier Photography as well. Canon is almost one years old and it’s time for me to be more involved again. I miss going on shoots with him and, you’d never guess it, but I tend to be the better sales person in our wedding consultations. You can pray for us as we experiment with organizing our days and splitting up tasks and responsibilities between parenting and business and housework. It’s going to be fun!

What are you doing this month or this year? Got any big plans or exciting ideas?



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  1. I’m a huge Birkman believer. Took it in 2010 and still refer to it weekly. It’s changed my life! I’m glad you’re pursuing this.

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