Did I meet my 2013 Goals?

For some reason, I’ve been thinking about this post all month so I guess it’s time to write it. In January I recorded some 2013 goals:

So here are some of the things I hope to see happen this year (in no particular order of importance):

  • I will learn to sew (got a beautiful machine for Christmas for the in-laws!!)
  • I will blog 2-3x per week about whatever I want
  • I will throw a birthday party for Canon for the first time
  • I will run some workshops on Finding Your Calling
  • I will write some articles for magazines (this is something I always think about and never actually do)
  • I will organize my house (I am actually super stoked about this because I read a fabulous book at my mom’s and have already started with some of the smaller spaces in our house and tomorrow, John and I are going to do a kitchen overhaul!)

This year, I get to figure out if I can bring in some income while staying at home with Canon and I get to continue to figure out what role I play in John’s photography business. I’m excited to see where these adventures lead us. And who knows, maybe at some point another book will start percolating.

In June, I checked in on my goals and now that we’ve come to mid-December, I return to this list to see how it all panned out.

2013 Goals Reached:

  • I did blog 2-3x a week (a few weeks it was only once) and I was able to broaden my subjects and feel free to write about whatever I wanted. I really enjoyed that!
  • I definitely threw a birthday party for Canon’s first birthday. It was manageable and it was fun. Two important requirements in my book. Canon got to meet my mom’s parents for the first time which was a wonderful surprise.
  • I did mostly organize the house and garage. Has it come unorganized? Yes, in places. But I am happy to note that some of the structures we set in place are still holding up. Our house and garage really just need to be cleaned and tidied rather than re-organized at this point. Although I never did conquer the office . . . ahem . . . John’s domain . . . ahem.
  • I did figure out a way to bring in some extra income by getting my Birkman certification and opening up a “business” side of My Calling IQ. While so far this income stream is minor to non-existent, I am glad it’s there and I hope to see it grow next year.

2013 Goals Reached That Were Not On the List:

  • Learning to Cook! We have maintained our cooking schedule of one week on, one week off all year long and we eat delicious food (probably 90% Paleo when at home). I also feel like we’ve learned a better kitchen rhythm cleaning-wise.
  • Finally starting to floss every day. Ha ha! I feel very proud of myself for actually starting a new habit. I have flossed every day except one since mid-September. This is a big accomplishment people. I never flossed before this.

2013 Goals Partially Reached:

  • John and I started experimenting with switching off “working” days at Crozier Photography but then things got busy with weddings. My most consistent role is simply doing the month-end bank reconciliation and printing out our Profit and Loss statements for review. We will likely revisit this question in the New Year and see how we feel about further division of labor.
  • Sewing. So the sewing machine did finally get pulled out but only for one project. I sewed an absolutely hideous but functional sleepsack for Canon since he outgrew his other one. I do feel like I learned a lot because I sewed a zipper and it actually worked. I would like to sew more things like new throw-pillow covers etc but that really hasn’t been a top-priority item.
  • I do feel like I have materials for another book percolating. I have a few major questions floating around in my head (re:church, parenting etc) that make me wonder if 2014 will bring another large writing project. I consider this prospect with excitement as well as dread.

2013 Goals Not Reached:

  • Well, I didn’t teach any workshops this year. The class I was scheduled to teach in the fall fell through because only one person enrolled. This was a disappointment but I am hoping that the class scheduled for February will get the five people required to keep it open. If you’re interested, it’s not to early to sign up!
  • I also did not write or publish any articles in magazines. I don’t think this is my thing. I printed out a bunch of submission instructions for various magazines but couldn’t really wrap my brain around what to offer. I’ve never been good at essays or short stories. I feel very constricted somehow and usually end up having to write some very long and then cut it to pieces to make it “fit.” So I won’t add this goal to my list for next year.

So there you have it. Overall, I’m so thankful for this year because it has been a much more restful year than 2012 (having a baby, publishing a book etc). I felt a lot less pressure about everything, spent most of my time on the floor with Canon, got used to having a very messy house, did a lot of cooking, read thousands of kid books (or rather read the same kid books a thousand times), read at least 45 grown-up books, and maintained this blog as a regular writing discipline.

I may blog one more time before Christmas but will mostly like be taking a break until January when you’ll hear about the 2014 goals I come up with.

What about you? What goals did you have in 2013? Did you reach them or redirect them?

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  1. great job Natasha. what a fun way to look back and acknowledge your accomplishments, areas you still want to improve/work on, and things you didn’t even know you wanted to do. I enjoy reading your posts and getting a little peak into your lives. Here’s to a fabulous 2014

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