Are you a Small Business Owner?

Use My Business IQ to find and keep your best employees and become the great manager you’ve always known you could be.

If you’re a small business owner or a solopreneur, you’re probably working some pretty crazy hours, doing it all yourself. Maybe you’re thinking about getting some help. Making that first hire might seem daunting. Employees are a major investment. My Business IQ is for you! It can help you make that hiring decision and get a new employee acclimatized to your methods quickly.

Or maybe you already have a couple employees and feel like you need some help figuring out how to manage them more effectively. You’re smart and you know turnover is expensive. You don’t want to lose your talent. Getting along is essential in a small business like yours. My Business IQ will help you see the strengths in the diverse team you have and give you tools to benefit from those differences.

Research by the Hay Group in 2012 indicates that, “the single area where both female and male managers need to improve is in self-awareness.”

The article highlights the need for a credible source of constructive feedback for those in leadership. The Birkman Method is exactly the kind of credible source that allows managers to raise their self-awareness and hone their interpersonal skills. It provides objective data about what people do, what they need in their environment in order to succeed and what their stress behaviors will be if these needs are not met. It gives business owners like you a phenomenal platform for understanding different working styles and truly benefiting from diverse strengths. This kind of information is invaluable when you’re trying to build and develop your business!

Bottom-line: My Business IQ gives you objective data to help you make better decisions in the people department.

Take the First Step

The first step of using My Business IQ is to get your own Birkman report and do a personal feedback consultation with me (Get it here or Contact Me to chat first!)

This step is essential for the following reasons:

  1. You can see and be reassured of the validity of the tool based on your own results
  2. You understand your own usual style, needs and stress behaviors and your managerial style
  3. I understand your usual behavior and managerial style so that I can help you make connections as you consider new hires or coach employees.
  4. You will gain understanding of the tool itself in order to use it for coaching your employees or troubleshooting team dynamics

When we sit down, we’ll also discuss your business needs in order to customize My Business IQ specifically for you. We offer all kinds of options from doing a Birkman evaluation of a potential candidate pre-hire to doing Birkman team-building sessions with your whole team.

Everyone knows they need a payroll system and insurance and legal help when they make a new hire. But don’t forget the people aspect – like payroll and insurance, it doesn’t just take care of itself. Relationships at work have a bigger bottom-line impact than we often think and hoping for the best isn’t the best business strategy.

My Business IQ is like your Quickbooks for the people side of your business. Using the Birkman Method in your business will be the best personnel investment you can make.

My Business IQ can help you with:

  • pre-hire evaluation
  • new hire onboarding
  • joint sessions for effective partnering
  • developing your management style
  • comparative analysis for direct reports
  • team building workshops
  • and much more!

When you consider all the costs involved with dysfunctional teams, My Business IQ is an essential investment for the growth of your organization. I hate to see potential go to waste. I hate to see frustration and politics getting in the way of people being able to do fantastic work and succeed in their careers.

Start with the My Business IQ: Owner Report

If you would rather chat first, please contact me today and we can discuss your needs. I would love to show you report examples and demonstrate what kind of insights you stand to gain.