My Career IQ: Full Birkman Report

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My Career IQ: Full Birkman Report is an invaluable lifelong reference tool that will help you navigate career decisions, challenging workplace dynamics and relational conflicts.

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My Career IQ puts the power of the Birkman Method to work in your life as you navigate major work transitions

Who is this for:

This product is ideal for professionals with 5+ years of work experience who want to make sure that their next step is the best fit possible.

What’s included:

My Career IQ consists of a Full Birkman Report and a 1.5 hour live consultation with me. You will receive over 50 pages of specific & actionable information that will help you improve your work life and relationships. After our consultation, you will receive a six week follow-up email series to help you integrate the information into your life.

Why this is so valuable:

In order to fully appreciate the material and apply it in your life, I walk you through how to read your reports and discuss what’s most relevant to your current needs. It’s a lot of information so My Career IQ is designed to become an invaluable lifelong reference tool that will continue to help you through each season of your career, whether it’s switching industries, finding a better fit within your organization, navigating challenging workplace dynamics and relational conflicts, or learning to be a better manager and leader.

You might be dissatisfied with the first 10 years of your work life, looking to do something that encompasses more of your strengths. You might be finishing a 30 year career looking for what kind of meaningful work you can enjoy in your retirement. In the midst of hectic daily life, it can be hard to “hear” our callings and know what would be best. The Birkman will give you objective data about yourself that can help you gain clarity about who you are and what really matters to you. Give yourself the give of greater confidence in your choices.


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