Recover Your Calling Class Registration Open

I think I mentioned in passing that my course is now open for registration but I wanted to make sure you knew you could be part of it. This is a non-credit class held at Edmonds Community College and it’s open to the community as part of the their ArtsNow/uLearn program. You don’t even have to worry about tests or grades although I will be assigning some (hopefully fun) homework!

I’m getting so excited envisioning the class as I prepare. I’m working on discussion questions, picking out great self-awareness exercises and combing through the material I want to “teach.” I put “teach” in quotations because I hope that much of the learning that takes place will be generated through the combined wisdom of the class itself. I’m not planning to lecture for an hour and a half during every class. Instead, I’m planning to share material in short segments to further the discussion.

If you’re introverted or an internal processor and this is starting to scare you – don’t worry, I’m building in space to think/journal quietly without feeling the pressure to talk.

Registration is open!I know fall tends to get busy for people, so I suggest putting it on the calendar now! This will only be a five week commitment from October 16th to November 13th on Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:00. The cost is $95. Retreats that focus on similar material can easily be 5x as much and can feel overwhelming, as you pack a huge amount of learning into one weekend. Sometimes it’s hard to come back from retreats and integrate what you’ve learned into the reality of your daily life. Taking this class will let you test out what you’re learning during the week and lets you absorb the information at a slower pace.

The goal at the end of the class is that you walk away with greater awareness of how your calling is already operating in your life as well as an action plan for how to pursue your calling more intentionally.

I need at least five people to register in order for the class to happen and we’re limiting the total class size to 20 people. Go here to find the course description, check location details and register! If you have questions about how to register, go here.