Your calling is about who you are and who you will become. Calling is about your purpose in life, and following it helps you live a life that truly reflects your priorities, values and desires. This page is designed to give you some of the best resources from the blog in one handy spot. It’s like one-stop shopping for all the answers to the common questions about calling like: Do I have a calling? If I do, what is my calling? and How do I find and follow my calling?

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Resources on the My Calling IQ Website

What is My Calling leaf pictureDefining Calling:

It’s helpful to understand what a “calling” actually is before you start trying to answer, “What is my calling?” Here are some blog posts that explore different definitions and dimensions.

Why do we have callings?

Maybe you’ve never thought about having a calling and aren’t sure you need to bother with the idea. These blog posts dig into why any of this matters.

Calling Stories:

Sometimes, reading about other people’s stories helps us figure out our own. You’ll find real life stories from ordinary people like you and me, as well as stories from famous people, historical characters and even fictional characters!

What is My Calling?

Practicing self-awareness and listening are two key ways to recover your sense of calling in life. Here are some practical tips to try:

Overcoming Obstacles to Calling

Knowing what gets in the way, helps us prepare to face the trials and temptations that keep us from our callings.

Further Resources

On the Resources page you’ll find my Amazon store with all my favourite books on calling, work and faith!

These websites also discuss these topics on an ongoing basis and are worth exploring:

You have a purpose in this life, a reason to expend your energy in building hope. Pursuing your calling means that you’re living the most fulfilling life you could. It’s a real-life adventure with risks, doubts, trials and rewards. You will be happiest if you are living in line with what you are called to do.

Ultimately, the point of having a call and the importance of following it comes down to why you were created: to reflect God’s glory. Because each of us is unique there are millions of different reflections of that goodness, perfection and love.

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