What is the point of our callings?

In these last few blog posts, I’ve tried to walk you through some of the questions and issues I’ve been thinking about as I’ve researched the concept of calling.

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve learned so far:

  • Living your calling gives you a glimpse of Heaven. It foreshadows what is to come.
  • Our desires can lead us to our calling. Putting these desires in our hearts is one of the ways God speaks to us.
  • When we start living our callings, we recognize our great need for salvation
  • As we follow our callings, God teaches us how to be who he created us to be. We become more like Christ.
  • Calling takes us on the journey of doing the good works that God prepared in advance for us to do.
  • Calling asks us to accept that God made each of us unique and intended for us to use our unique resources (personality, gifts, experiences, skills, motivations etc) to bring him glory.

In the end, I think following our calling brings us into the deepest, most natural, authentic, intimate relationship with the one who created us and calls us to him. When we live out what we feel called to do, we express our trust in the Caller – our faith becomes active and alive, and this also makes it easier to share it with others authentically. Calling elevates our mundane tasks and infuses our daily lives with new significance. Calling helps us grasp the narrative of our lives, the story taking shape. It challenges us to live up to our potential and become who God designed us to be.

Jesus Christ is the only person in this world who followed his calling perfectly. His calling was to restore us to himself. Through his sacrifice, we are saved from death to life. To respond to his call, we need understand and accept Christ’s gift of mercy. Jesus said, “I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full” and extends an invitation to enter into the Kingdom of God, accept our roles and live out our callings.

Calling is an adventure: we will be stretched and changed. God designed us to reflect his glory, and each of our reflections of that glory will be unique, like thousands of facets in a gem reflecting light in all directions. Reflecting his glory in this world brings hope, love and peace, things which the darkness can never overcome.